How To Get Your Songs On The Radio


"How To Get Your Songs On The Radio"

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The #1 best way to get your songs on the radio is to hire a top radio promoter who has a proven track record and a stellar reputation for success in your genre of music. Of course this can be very expensive and unless you had radio promotion figured into your recording budget, it's probably safe to assume this additional cost is more then you have to spend as an Indie artist.

With that said, for the vast majority of recording artists, they've already made the decision to not hire a radio promoter and concede that the songs on their new CD won't be getting played on the radio. Sure, they will probably send their CD to all their local radio stations in a feeble attempt to get some airplay, but other then that most artists will just upload their song files on their normal web sites - like every other Indie artist on the planet - go for all the downloads and streams they can get and sell their CD's at their live shows. End result for all intent and purpose, no radio play for their music and their new songs.

Well, never fear because AirPlay Direct is here!!! Finally, an online web portal for Indie artists and record labels to get your music played on radio stations world wide! Joining AirPlay Direct is quick, it's easy, it's affordable, and it really, really, really works!

Over the last 30 years, as an artist, I've recorded and released 9 albums with 2 of these albums recorded and released by RCA Records. As a producer for other artists, I've produced more then 40 albums. As much as I hate to admit it, few of these recordings were really promoted properly to radio and resulted in very little airplay, if any. Five days ago I joined Airplay Direct, uploaded the songs from my last artist CD - which was recorded and released in 2009 - and these songs are now being played on the radio in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Bavaria, and in the USA! Am I excited?!? You bet I am!!!

All I can say is if you are an artist or have your own label and you are recording and releasing CD's, join AirPlay Direct today! Sign up and just follow their step by step, easy to read instructions. Upload your music, upgrade your account, watch their airplay charts and your personal user account, and see what happens. Simply put, AirPlay Direct is the best online resource for the independent recording artist ever created for getting your songs on the radio world wide!

You can sign up today at
AirPlay Direct and I'll see you on the charts!!!

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