Band leader, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

My first instrument was a plastic harmonica when I was four and I can still remember the day my Mom bought it for me. I started taking piano lessons when I was seven and over the years I have enjoyed learning to play 10 musical instruments. My main instrument is still the harmonica and professionally I also play fiddle, mandolin and acoustic guitar. In Nashville I am referred to as a utility player.

I was born in 1956 and the first time I played harmonica and sang in a bar I was seven. The first time I performed a song I had written out in public was in church when I was 12. Playing in acoustic duo's and trio's soon followed and in 1974 I joined my first band while in the US Navy and serving onboard the USS Independence aircraft carrier. We called ourselves The Indy String Band and our first gig was in Naples, Italy. As my career has progressed to present day, I have played music in 18 countries and 44 states.

I am a founding member of Iowa band, The Ozone Ramblers and January, 2018 marked 40 years of us playing music together. Here are a few photos from The Ozone Ramblers 38th year anniversary taken when we played RiverFest 2016! I'm also a founding member of acoustic music duo Crowding 50.

Artists with whom I have performed