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Founded in 2005, AirPlay Direct is the brainchild of Chairman and CEO Robert Weingartz, and the greatest thing ever created when it comes to getting radio airplay for independent artists, bands, and songwriters, world wide. Celebrating 8 years of success in March, 2013, AirPlay Direct is growing by leaps and bounds and a web site that every artist needs to know about and take advantage of the awesome services to independent music offered by AirPlay Direct.

Comprised of 40,000 members, the music hosted on the AirPlay Direct platform is immediately available to a network of 8,000 radio stations in 95 countries. In addition to this, the AirPlay Direct charts are posted in real time! This means as a user you can actually watch them on a daily - minute by minute - basis and watch your songs rise up the charts as radio station affiliates download them to play on their stations all over the globe. Add to this the ability as an artist user to directly communicate to each of these radio stations right from your personal page on the site and the possibilities for promotion are literally endless, for any and all artists taking advantage of the incredible opportunity for radio airplay for your new music and CD's.

One of the many advantages of signing up on AirPlay Direct are their Digital Press Kits (DPK's), that you can use to promote your music to radio stations, record labels, booking agents, artist managers, venues, or even to your fans, by email and the hit of a button on your computer. Once you've set up your artist page on AirPlay Direct, your DPK is ready to go! As a user you can choose to make your songs downloadable or set just to stream and include your bio, photos, tour dates, and a personal message to whoever you've chosen to send them too. An incredible tool for promotion and exposure of your music to whomever you choose and so easy to use.

Using AirPlay Direct is so easy with their step by step instructions and so affordable compared to what has been available to independent artists in the past. No longer do you have to pay thousands of dollars to hire a radio promoter, furnish them with hundreds of your CD's, pay hundreds of dollars more for postage and packaging, to get your new music exposed to radio stations in a limited specific region of the country. As soon as you sign up, upload your songs, set up your artist page, you are good to go and your music is available to 8,000 radio station music directors, programmers, and D.J.'s, for airplay!

No doubt about it, AirPlay Direct is the greatest tool available on the market to get your music out there to the masses and creates endless possibilities for an independent artist or band to expound on that exposure, to book individual shows, multi date tours, to get your music on the radio, and promote your CD's and create the potential for downloads to a global audience.

Sign up with AirPlay Direct today and you'll be glad you did!

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