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"Meat N 3" at Pucketts in Franklin, TN

Performing for the Breast Health Center

©2010 By Bronson Herrmuth

When you put artist/songwriter/guitar player Ricky Ray, drummer/percussionist Richie Albright, and Bee Spears on bass guitar (acoustic upright bass guitar at that) on stage together, you know you are going to hear some really good music. That's just what the audience got at Puckett's on May 12th when they gathered to help raise money for the Breast Health Center at Williamson Medial Center. A great cause and wonderful chance to listen to these 3 incredibly talented veteran musicians and performers share their music. I spoke with all 3 of them after their show and they each told me their performance that night was free form, virtually unrehearsed and spontaneous, from the heart. They were all wearing big grins as they visited with the crowd after their show and I know they had a lot of fun playing together for us, while helping raise much needed funds for a great cause.

I'd never heard Bee Spears on the standup bass before and just like on his electric when he plays with Willie Nelson, he was solid as a rock and extremely tasteful while locking in with his long time running mate, Richie Albright. I've known Richie since 1984 when he was with Waylon Jennings, and he just gets better and better, laying down a groove that moves you through the songs like a river flows, sometimes soft and peaceful, serene, and other times like rapids, racing along and taking you with him and always, always solid, in complete control and in the pocket. Ricky Ray, what a great songwriter, performer, entertainer, guitar player, singer. A true musical soul and his passion fills the room, whether he's singing or just talking and sharing his truly incredible life stories of places he's been, people he's met and wrote songs with or jammed with or just loved, like family, friends, and fans. These 3 special talents together on stage as "Meat N 3" deliver a very "tasty" musical experience.

If the show I saw last night was just the 3 of them having fun and jamming, I can't wait to see them after they've played together for a while. Ricky Ray told me after the show, "We didn't want to rehearse because we were afraid we'd mess it up if we practiced too much, we just went for it." Yes, they went for it alright and they nailed it. Great show! Great Staff! Great venue!

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