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Kentucky Thunder at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN

©2010 By Bronson Herrmuth

Just imagine four of Nashville's top of the line female singer/songwriter/artists, a smokin' band, comprised of some of Music City's finest and laying down a pocket to die for. Add to it a crowd of excited hard core fans and family all coming together in a great music club to be a part of history, and you'll have an idea what took place on April 1 & 2nd, during the recording of Kentucky Thunder's upcoming DVD/CD release.

I'll introduce them as you see them when they stand on stage. Vickie Carrico, Jonell Mosser, Etta Britt, and Sheila Lawrence. 4 extremely gifted artists, banding together over 13 years ago to sing and perform, forming what I would call a sisterhood in music and all 4 born in Kentucky. 2010 finds them finally, and by great demand, recording an album. True to form, they've recorded it live capturing the enthusiasm and obvious love they draw on from their loyal following and many admirers, like me.

When I watch and listen to Kentucky Thunder do their "thang" on stage it inspires me to wish every young lady who aspires to be a professional "singer", could see them perform. Talent, class, experience, confidence, huge vocal chops, harmony, dynamics, pitch, beauty, charm, wit, and so much more happens when Kentucky Thunder takes the stage. You know from the instant they start singing, you are in for a real treat. Great singing, great music, great songs and great entertainment, for make no mistake about it, these gals are the real deal. When you experience Kentucky Thunder, you are in the presence of some of the best Music City, USA has to offer the world stage.

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