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Jammin' at Hippie Jack's at the Coupe in Bon Aqua, TN

©2010 By Bronson Herrmuth

Saturday, July 31st, Jonell Mosser and Judson Spence took the stage with their bands to tape a new segment of Jammin' at Hippie Jack's. This wildly successful independent TV show is now airing on 130 stations and distributed through NETA to over 30 million households covering 16 states. Hosted by none other than Hippie Jack Stoddart, this show is definitely a family affair, which includes his wife "Munch" and his sons, Jason and Silas operating digital cameras along with the rest of their great crew and staff.

Singer/songwriter/artist, Judson Spence, opened the show with his band and then broke it down to just him and his guitar, showcasing his voice and his songwriting to a very enthusiastic crowd of his long time fans while making new ones with every song he sang. Judson's songs have been recorded by Amy Grant, Cher, Wynonna, and he's toured the USA, Canada, all over Europe and Japan as an artist. Signed to Atlantic records in 1988, Judson just keeps getting better with lots of new music headed our way.

Jonell Mosser did what she does best, she entertained her audience singing and dancing and just being Jonell, the world class vocalist she is. Having been a fan of Jonell for over 30 years, I can tell you without a doubt, she will always give you everything she has every time you see her perform, no matter the venue or event. Her music pours out of her like a grand waterfall and covers you in a mist of refreshing musical notes and melodies, directly from her soul to yours and to hear her sing is always special, always.

This live taping took place at the Coupe in Bon Aqua, TN and if you haven't made it there yet, you really need to check this venue out because you will be glad you did. Established and operated by Barry Choate and Dale Portman, the Coupe has a vibe to it that is very comfortable, very down home. Great sound, great barbecue sandwiches and sides, you can buy a beer, soda, or water right out of ice filled buckets. People bring their children and it's a very family friendly atmosphere while you sit and listen to some really good music.

Some of the many performers who have appeared on Jammin' at Hippie Jack's include: Dan Tyminski, The SteelDrivers, Darrell Scott & Kenny Malone, Tim O'Brien, David Olney, Tommy Womack, John Cowan, The Coal Men, and Johnny Neal. This show is also filmed at Hippie Jack's farm in Overton County, TN, where he also hosts wonderful music festivals with the next one being Fall Fest 2010 and taking place Sept. 24, 25, 26, with a great line up already committed and more to be announced. Family friendly so all ages are encouraged to attend and lots of folks camp on the farm for the whole weekend.

"We celebrate and preserve the work of Americana singers, songwriters, and musicians." These are the words that will greet you when you visit Hippie Jack's web site, and I think they sum up his TV show and his independent music festivals quite well. You can visit Hippie Jack on line at

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