I have worked in music publishing for more than 35 years and I am proud to help represent the following five publishing companies and their song catalogs.

Iowa HomeGrown Music, BMI
Founded in Ft. Madison, Iowa in 1986 and relocated to Nashville in 1989. I am co-founder and president of this publishing house in addition to being one of it's staff songwriters. 2015 marks 29 years that we've been a BMI affiliated publisher.

Al Jolson Black & White Music, BMI
For 16 years, from 1992 to January, 2008, I was Creative Manager for this publishing house, owned by Albert Jolson, son of the legendary American entertainer/singer/songwriter, Al Jolson. Now in 2015, I am owner and president.

Jolie House of Music, ASCAP
(same as above)

Jondavaira Music, BMI
Patrick Hazell's publishing house and filled with his music spanning 36 albums worth of material. I am Creative Manager and co-publish all of Patrick's songs. Patrick and I are both from southeast Iowa and go back almost 30 years.

Piffin Music, BMI
The wonderful song catalog of award winning classical composer Peter F. Nostrand.

Songwriters I help Represent