I have worked in music publishing for more than 35 years and I am proud to help represent the following six publishing companies and their song catalogs.

Iowa HomeGrown Music, BMI
Founded in Ft. Madison, Iowa in 1986 and relocated to Nashville in 1989. I am co-founder and president of this publishing house in addition to being one of it's staff songwriters. 2015 marks 29 years that we've been a BMI affiliated publisher.

Al Jolson Black & White Music, BMI
For 16 years, from 1992 to January, 2008, I was Creative Manager for this publishing house, owned by Albert Jolson, son of the legendary American entertainer/singer/songwriter, Al Jolson. Now in 2015, I am owner and president.

Jolie House of Music, ASCAP
(same as above)

Jondavaira Music, BMI
Patrick Hazell's publishing house and filled with his music spanning 36 albums worth of material. I am Creative Manager and co-publish all of Patrick's songs. Patrick and I are both from southeast Iowa and go back almost 30 years.

Dave Butler Music, BMI
Owned by Dave Butler, this song catalog includes over 100 songs written by Joe Nolan and all originally published between 1993 and 1995. I am Creative Manager of this publishing house and I have worked with songwriter/artist/poet Joe Nolan, since July of 1993 when I signed him as a staff writer for Al Jolson Black & White Music.

Piffin Music, BMI
The wonderful song catalog of award winning classical composer Peter F. Nostrand.

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